Health Spa Radenci

A health resort with 130 years of tradition in treating the cardiovascular conditions. We create a heart-friendly environment. Where your vitality and health are alleviated by the Radenska mineral water.

Morning gymnastics for an active start of day.

The famous mineral bath for a healthy heart, vitality and freshness.

Karl Henn's drinking courses of Radenska Mineral Water from one the oldest springs in Europe improves wellbeing, strengthens immune system, levels blood pressure and relaxes.

A heart check with the most advanced 3D ultrasound scanner – getting answers about your heart’s condition right away / Do you know how healthy your heart truly is? Get your answers right away with the 3D ultrasound scanner. A consultation with a doctor – for your health.

The “Female Heart Health Programme” – the female heart is more susceptible to heart conditions.

The “Protect the Heart of an Athlete Programme”– because the athletes must know how much strain their heart can take at any moment.

The Fango wraps, which reduce stress and relax – a perfect addition to the effects of massages and mineral baths. Pool gymnastics for the health of your heart.

The “Sweet Spring of Love” – an exquisite dessert prepared with mineral water. An apple strudel with a twist: before the preparation the dough is soaked in mineral water.

The “Little Heart's Path” (Srčkova pot) in the park – discover the history of the resort.

The “Bubble-hunt” in the resort surroundings – tons of fun for everyone!

Surrounded by springs of health.

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