Dolga Vas

Eco-Farm Radikon

Nature offers the best and that's why the crops and products from the farm are organic. While the farm is best known for its asparagus, it also grows other seasonal vegetables which you can obtain in baskets.

Take a look around the organic farm and taste some of the organically grown and processed delicacies. The farm has been growing asparagus for more than a quarter of a century.

During asparagus season you can buy it fresh, while you can obtain it in different forms throughout the year - like pickled, in the form of a spread, or dried. Besides asparagus the farm grows a variety of other vegetables with an ecological certificate.

You can take a tour of the organic vineyard and orchard, which includes wine tasting. You can also join them at the grape or fruit gathering, which can be an interesting experience for children especially. Local and the best from nature!

Contact information

Glavna ul. 186a, Dolga vas
SI - 9220 Lendava

Contact person:
Radikon Izidora

+386 (0) 40 627 303
+386 (0) 31 542 788

Business hours

  • per arrangement