Vina GJERKEŠ – GJERKEŠ Wines are premium wines for the noble moments from Goričko. Come and visit the wine growing farm Gjerkeš and listen in on the tales of wine, Goričko, and Prekmurje, while sipping wine in the tasting room or outside in the yard under the old linden tree.

The wine growing farmstead Gjerkeš, located in a pleasant and peaceful area, can arrange for organized wine tasting for individuals or groups interested in tasting premium wines during their visits of Prekmurje and the Goričko Nature Park.

Gjerkeš wines achieve excellent results in local as well as international competitions, such as Vino Sloveniija G. Radgona, the Tri-Country-Park competition, Decanter London, AWC Vienna, Chardonnay du Monde France, and GAST Split.

Many people like to spice up their trip around Goričko and Prekmurje with wine tasting at the Gjerkeš farm. They keep saying that it is a unique experience, laced with tales of wine, Goriko, and Prekmurje, which lingers on in memory.

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Fikšinci 49
SI - 9262 Rogašovci

+386 (0) 2 558 86 20
+386 (0) 41 623 125

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  • per arrangement