Filovci 430; 9222 Bogojina

PANON wine gallery

PANON vines from the depths of Pannonia sea vintage space, and bring new stories in the scenery, stretched between the sky, the virgin curve, and the infinite valley.

PANON vines from old vines planted on southern sunny slopes of Pannonia sea, in heavy clay bases, with roots deep in the coating of Panon, infinite warm waves of the valley all the way from Mura, they move during nights on slopes between vineyards, where they make love to grape berries which in the morning dew the rising mists from the valley, all this gives PANON vines a special character.

Where the sky gently kisses the earth on its virgin curve, above the valley, ripens PANON.

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Filovci 430
9222 Bogojina

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