Moravske Toplice

Spa Terme 3000 – Moravske Toplice

Terme 3000 - Moravske Toplice is well known for its large water park and for black thermal mineral water, which is understood to have beneficial effects on health. It is also one of Slovenia's largest health resorts with one of the largest water parks in this part of Europe.

5.200 m2 of water paradise for big and small with 28 indoor and outdoor pools, where you freshen up, have fun, splish-splash, collect your swimming miles, enjoy the rapids, geysers and waterfalls or scream while riding the waterslides.

Adrenaline adventure: climb the 22-meter high tower and choose between the AquaLoop – the first European water slide with a full loop, or the Kamikaze slide with its free fall!

A unique rope swing – when you feel like another adrenaline-kick!

Relaxation in black thermal mineral water is a real treat for your skin and joints.

The Panonian Meadow Massage – pampering with oils infused with Prekmurje herbs and the Little Meadow Massage with pumpkin seed oil – a treasury of minerals and vitamins.

Try the traditional Prekmurje Layer Cake – the queen of desserts or its modern adaptation: the Locata Panonia.

Pampered by countless pleasures!

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Kranjčeva ulica 12
SI - 9226 Moravske Toplice

+386 (0) 2 512 22 00

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