Pumpkin oil, wine, and other regional seasonal products can be purchased at the Camplin family, who have carefully tended their Prekmurian land in harmony with nature for centuries. A part of Pomurje, which you can take along.

Visiting Bogojina or simply passing by the village you will spot signposts directing you to the Camplin farm. The Camplins are farmers on a medium sized farm, practicing agriculture and viticulture.

The best pumpkin oil made from pumpkin seeds grown on their own using appropriate agricultural technology can be purchased there. Their 100 % pure pumpkin oil is home made , unrefined, and perfectly edible.

They planted vineyards on perfect loamy soil, producing wine by carefully hand-picking the grapes. Due to the long years of experience they tend to the wine while it matures in the cellar themselves.

Contact information

Bogojina 107
SI - 9222 Bogojina

Contact person:
Igor Camplin

+386 (0)2 547 10 58
+386 (0)41 673 032

Business hours

  • 12 a.m. - 12 p.m.