Tourist Farm Hlebec – Kog

You are cordially invited to the tourist farm Hlebec (turistična kmetija Hlebec) to experience an unforgettable trip into culinary marvels, combined with excellent wines, produced from their own well-cared-for vines.

You can drop by at the Hlebec family just for lunch or some wine tasting, but they also offer beautiful rooms with breathtaking views of their vineyards and romantic sunsets.
The farm features 7 marvelous rooms for up to 17 guests. The whole house - from cellar to terrace and rooms - is especially neat. They often host various art workshops in the facility and the farm is a literal treasure trove of local art and antiques.
An extremely pleasant tourist farm in a beautiful corner of Pomurje. Be it a short or long stay - it is an unforgettable culinary and wine experience.

Contact information

Kog 108
SI - 2276 Kog

+386 (0) 2 713 70 60
+386 (0) 41 689 229
+386 (0) 31 867 464


Business hours

12.00 - 22.00