Household Pri Momi

Relax in an idyllic place in the midst of unspoiled nature and have a perfect vacation with your family by staying in a traditional Prekmurje house, far away from the hustle and bustle, at Pri Momi in Kančevci.

At the top of the hill, in an idyllic, mountainous area, there is a household surrounded by beautiful forests. Renovated buildings offer plenty of pleasures in cozy traditional architecture, where even the most demanding guests will not remain indifferent. The estate is surrounded by a private property with its meadows full of flowers and a beautiful view of nature. The household consists of several buildings. The main house is 150 years old and is entirely made of wooden beams, traditionally covered with dense mud, according to the architectural standards of rural architecture at that time. Next to the house is a beautiful linden tree where you can sit in the evening or enjoy the sunrise at breakfast. In old Stable, on the other side of the yard, there are beautiful apartments, each unique in its own way. All the equipment in the house is carefully selected and fascinates with its traditional look.


Contact information

Kančevci 40

9206 Križevci


Tel.: 041 204 300, 041 740 622


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  • every day