Župnijska cerkev Gospodovega vnebohoda - Plečnikova cerkev (Plečnik's Church)

The church in Bogojina is one of the most interesting architectures of the 20th century and Pomurje's most famed sanctuary. Plečnik's masterpiece inspires feelings of peace, quiet, and calmness.

The church was built between 1924 and 1927 at a right angle to an older single-nave baroque church. The architect put a dominant cylindrical tower next to the entrance - a belfry with forms typical for Plečnik. On top of it stands a terrace with an additional tower, and another one at the end of the old church. Above the front entrance a statue of Christ reigns from a simple column. The nave is accentuated by serried arcades on the north and south side. Plečnik conformed to regional building tradition and used old Christian architectural features (stone columns, flat wooden ceiling). The ceiling is unique - made of round beams and boards. Plečnik adorned it with the products of local potters.

The pulpit, font and communion table have only been added after Plečnik's death.

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Bogojina 147
9222 Bogojina

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08:00 - 17:00