The Mura-Boatman

The mystical Mura river and stories of its boatmen which you will hear during your descent down the river will linger in your memories. Get to know the rich life around and on the river and let yourself be dazzled by the passionate storytellers.

This is a story of millers, ferrymen, and the büjraši which you will experience in one of the richest ecosystems of Europe. The Mura river which flows through lowland forests will leave you with many an unforgettable story.

Boats will take you to the core of the Pannonian world, where the mystical, magical river will lead you past ferries, mills, floodplain woodlands, gravel pits, and dead arms of the river.

You can enjoy the stories of the Mura's boatmen which will explain the traditional region through time with their numerous anecdotes and take you towards new adventures. Get to know the Mura river firsthand!

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Marko Žižek

+386 (0) 40 292 409

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