Moravske Toplice

Tourist Farm Flisar

The rich tradition, the colorful menu of tasty home made food, and the hospitality so typical of the local resident are a guarantee that you will feel well and right at home here.

Exhausted after hiking around Prekmurje you will rest well in the pleasant rooms on the tourist farm Flisar (turistična kmetija Flisar) with a view of the vineyards - in the morning you will be greeted with a tasty Prekmurian breakfast.

Groups can - with prior arrangement - also enjoy the delicious tastes of Prekmurian delicacies, which can be washed down with wine or juice.

When was the last time you had bogracs-goulash, indulged in excellent home made ham, shut your eyes while partaking of tasty mushroom soup, blushed while licking your fingers right after they held a tasty gibanica? Home made? Of course, what else?

Contact information

Dolga ulica 216
SI - 9226 Moravske Toplice

Contact person:
Gabrijela Marija Lukač

+386 (0) 2 538 13 20

Business hours

  • per e-mail or telephone arrangement with the guests