Tourist Farm Čebelji gradič

Bees, pony Poldi, sheeps Maja and Kasandra, rabbits, chickens and a pig Filip are waiting for you at the family-friendly farm Bee's castle. An unforgettable experience for both large and small nature lovers!

The tourist farm Čebelji gradič (Bee-Castle) offers its visitors an unforgettable experience of the farm and the possibility to rent an apartment.

Get to know the Kisilak family, the life of the bees in the apiary, the sheep Maja and Kasandra, the pony called Poldi, rabbits, chicken, and the piglet Filip. To enjoy some sweets you can try out biologically produced honey, marmalades, and juices produced at the farm.

A special experience awaits during your afternoon rest when you can take an apitherapy while listening to the buzzing of bees in the apiary.

Contact information

Serdica 116
SI - 9262 Rogašovci

Contact person:
Andrej Kisilak

+386 (0) 2 558 88 89
+386 (0) 41 761 050

Business hours

  • for groups per arrangement
  • apartments throughout the year