Moravske Toplice

Pannonian Village

A magical Pannonian village with fairytale-like little houses, which offer all the comfort of modern times. A place for creative relaxing - Prekmurje-style - and unforgettable moments in the heart of Pomurje.

Welcome to Panonska vas (Pannonian village) featuring seven houses built according to traditions from Prekmurje - thatched roofs, built from bricks and plastered with clay. The interior is decorated with hand made solid wood furniture - the warmth of brushed wood and a special decorative note effectively follow the spirit of authentic Prekmurje.

The feeling of distinctiveness, the particularity of Panonska vas is compounded by unforgettable views of the wide fields of Prekmurje, and the peacefulness literally overwhelms every single visitor.

Breakfast awaits inside a basket delivered on the doorsteps of your house. Unforgettable! It is a perfect place to refill energy and discover Pomurje.


Contact information

Tešanovci 11P
SI - 9226 Moravske Toplice

Contact person:
Boštjan Serec

+386 (0)31 758 000
+386 (0)31 655 444

Business hours

  • 24 hrs every day