Velika Polana the most beautiful town centre 2022

The award ceremony of the My Land - Beautiful and Hospitable campaign took place at the Days of Slovenian Tourism in Laško, where the Dežela storkelj park in Velika Polana won the "most beautiful town centre" category. The award was presented to the Vice-Mayor of Velika Polana, Štefan Jaklin, by the Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Matjaž Han, and the President of the Tourist Board of Slovenia, Pavle Hevka.

The municipality of Velika Polana has participated in several town planning competitions and has received a number of awards and prizes.

  • 2013: 1st place - Trško jedro
  • Year 2014: 1st place - Excursion Site
  • 2014: gold award Entente florale of Europe - the most beautiful place in Europe
  • Year 2016: 1st place -Trško jedro
  • Year 2017: 1st place - Excursion Site
  • Year 2022: 2nd place Communities in bloom - small villages
  • Year 2022: 1st place Communities in bloom - local community integration
  • Year 2022: 1st place - Trško jedro

These awards are a reward for many years of work in this field and a motivation to continue to be successful. For the municipality of Velika Polana, the biggest reward is certainly that they keep the environment clean and tidy and provide a quality and safe life for themselves and their future.