5 unique experiences with 5 digitised cultural heritage sites in the heart of Pomurje

Pomurje can now also be explored through digital technology. TIC Moravske Toplice, as the lead partner of the Digikul project, which covers the digital innovation of Pomurje's cultural heritage with the cooperation of five Pomurje municipalities, presents five experiences and digitised cultural heritage units with their own story in the heart of Pomurje. These are newly created and unique experiences, supported and enriched by modern digital technologies and tools, which present the unique story of the region in an innovative way and complement the tourist journey through Pomurje; from Radenci, Murska Sobota, Moravske Toplice, Lendava to Jerusalem.

Where to go for innovative and digitally enhanced journeys through Pomurje?

Visit the mineral water springs in Radenci with fairy-tale creatures using virtual reality (VR) technology and get to know the digitised spa, take a walk in the park and taste the healing mineral water.

In the spirit of exploration, escape from the centre of Murska Sobota in a special way and turn into explorers big and small. Visitors can experience Novak's heritage with the help of VR technology, which is a digital tourist guide to Novak's works.

Let history flow and discover the rich historical facts preserved in the Romanesque rotunda in Sel (near Moravske Toplice), where the presentation of the medieval church is complemented by virtual reality (AR) technology on a tablet, which guides the visitor through the frescoes in a picturesque way and presents their meaning and historical background in an interesting way. Refresh yourself with Templar tea and the area's fine cuisine, juices and wines.

Playfulness puts wind in your sails, so it's time to fly on the wings of curiosity to the other side of Slovenia, to the digitally visualised Lendava Castle, where the story of the bronze will take you through the construction phase by phase. The process of making and casting bronze sculptures from conception to finished product is shown on digital screens.

Then it's off to the heart of Prlekija, to Jerusalem, where you can experience the Church of the Sorrowful Mother of God through the centuries in virtual reality (VR). Then the smell of Prussian gibanica carries you among the vineyards and you surrender to the experience of harvest in all seasons, taking a deep breath among the views and pausing for a moment in the awareness of the beauty of the intertwining of all these new experiences and experiences.