Ideas for a trip

This is what Pomurje sounds like

One province, five dialects. 

Endless plains, full flavours and authentic people. What do you think of when we invite you to Pomurje? Perhaps the "black" Mura, which connects Prekmurje and Prlekija into one, heartfelt region. The rich traditions that are still alive in the daily lives of local people. And here's to happy reunions! With good food and even better wine. To soothing nature far from the urban rush, the roads and the noise. And to the warm sunshine that so often graces the plains and hills here. To the dialects that sometimes seem like a language all their own. And to the warmth, hospitality and simplicity of the people who speak them.

All this is at home on the banks of the Mura. So you are invited to wander through Pomurje.  This time, a journey to get to know different dialects. Enjoy getting to know new words, even "dirty" ones.

Lendava dialect

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