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Check: New accommodation in Pomurje 2023

Already know where to sleep when you visit Pomurje?

If you choose to spend your holiday in the landscapes between vineyards, fertile fields, thermal springs of healing waters that offer the most beautiful paths to well-being - then you will enjoy the hospitality of new or renovated accommodation. Homestays, resorts, glamping ... The choice is yours.


Hotel Belmur is housed in an old townhouse in the strict centre of Murska Sobota. The building is under monument protection due to its historical significance and was completely renovated and converted into a hotel in 2021, with 10 double rooms, a breakfast room and a wine cellar with a selection of interesting wines in the basement.


For those who love design and nature, the Sibon Resort is the right choice. A seamless combination of simplicity, elegance and modernity, where you will feel at home and experience a real positive energy. The Sibon Wine / SPA resort is a place for relaxation for adults and children over 15 years of age.


The Anika house in Goričko. Partially buried and covered with earth, it is a paradise for lovers of peace and nature. It is situated in an idyllic location with a beautiful view. The house offers a weekend break or a holiday that will delight you forever! You will feel like you are in a time machine that will take you back in time. This year, a parking space for three motorhomes has been added to the interesting house.


The luxury boutique houses in the middle of the Goričko Landscape Park have been given an extra house - a hemp house. It is one of the few houses where hemp hemp, mixed together with lime, a natural directing agent, played a major role in the building materials. The hemp walls make the house fire-resistant, regulate the ideal humidity in the room all year round and limit electromagnetic radiation. The house is covered with reeds, a material that has been used in this environment in the past.

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