Križevci na Goričkem

Otter centre AQUALUTRA

The centre AQUALUTRA is an outdoor otter classroom. You will meet the otter, the queen of European freshwaters, and learn why it is endangered. Barefooted you will be able to experience its natural environment and meet also its cohabitants.

We play with the otter, we learn with it and watch the nature around us. We learn about biodiversity of freshwater ecosystems, how to preserve it and take care of natural brooks, rivers, lakes and marshes. It is all about our attitude towards waters, also our tap water depends on it.

Contact information

Križevci na Goričkem

SI - 9203 Križevci


+386 (0) 820 05 356


+386 (0) 51 622 111 (Vidrafon)

Business hours

Wednesday and Friday 10.00AM – 4.00PM
Saturday 11.00AM – 4.00PM

or as per arrangement