Gingerbread Products – Home Trade, Jožica Celec

The fragrance of fresh gingerbread, deeply red colored gingerbread hearts with a special message, and a long tradition of gingerbread heart and gingerbread related products. Your are cordially invited to make your own heart with Jožica!

The Celec family's rich heritage with more than 70 years of tradition and experience with gingerbread products, gingerbread hearts, and candle production are more than a guarantee that the able hands of Jožica and Damjan still produce traditional products which are so specific for this trade.

New creative approaches towards gingerbread pastry production promise new regional tastes: gingerbread with spelt, hemp, and wine gingerbread.

Come and discover the tastes for yourself and try your hand in the production of gingerbread hearts and cookies.

Contact information

Ratkovci 8
SI - 9207 Prosenjakovci

Contact person:
Jožica Celec

+386 (0)2 544 12 39
+386 (0)41 941 175

Business hours

  • per arrangement