See Bukovniško jezero

The lake is surrounded by a mixed forest of hornbeams, beeches, sweet chestnuts, and scots pines. Due to its botanical, zoological, and ecosystem-features it stands under protection.

Lake Bukovniško jezero borders Urbanija forest to the south and Zgornja šuma to the north. The area is covered by wet meadows, the higher lying areas are dominated by farmland, and the peaks by vineyards. The surface of the lake measures 8 ha, it is 2 meters deep on average, although reaching depths of up to 5 meters. Visitors often witness the spectacle of the lake turning into a reflection of its surroundings, reflecting trees, cottages, the sky, the clouds... Symbolically the lake is also a reflection of humankind and our actions: it reflects our efforts to foster human-nature relations.

Hier befinden sich Energiepunkte, für die Mutigen gibt es einen Abenteuerpark.


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